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Expressway gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you run more efficient operations and achieve better results.

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Empowering Your Restaurant's Success.

At Expressway, we combine innovative technology with deep industry knowledge to deliver a suite of applications designed to elevate your restaurant's profitability.
Inventory Management
Intelligent counting, troubleshooting, suggested ordering, electronic invoicing, ideal vs. actual, and mobile counting.
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Performance Analytics
Sales, labor, and operational performance; insights, alerts and benchmarking.
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Scheduling (Coming Soon)
Scheduling, demand forecasting, as well as time and attendance reporting.
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Get insights from anywhere.

Access Expressway's intelligence driven insights to help get the most out of your data.

Have Expressway do the counting.

Reduce the number of items counted weekly with intelligent inventory tracking.
SCHEDULING (Coming Soon)

Scheduling made easy.

Build schedules with and easy-to-use interface and powerful demand forecasting.

Works with your point of sale

Many more

Our customers realize measurable impact.

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