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Expressway makes it easy to stay on top of what matters.

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Expressway Inventory

You shouldn't have to dread counting inventory. Expressway Inventory gives you the tools to spend less time counting and more time focusing your cost control efforts.

Lower your food cost

Smart suggestions to optimize ordering

Suggested ordering provides guidance and helps you stay on top of the most significant area in controlling cost - stock on hand.

Reduce the time you spend counting

IntelliCount uses Expressway's Intelligence to predict andsurface what is important for you to count. IntelliCount recognizes shrinkage,accounts for usage, and challenges accuracy so that you only count items thatrequire attention.  

Improve count accuracy and accountablity

Count with confidence knowing that Expressway has your back. Integrated troubleshooting and intelligence helps catch common mistakes, anomalies, and alerts on potential padding.

Ideal Cost

Compare your cost of sales to ideal cost to uncover where your opportunity lies.

Count from your tablet or phone

Count with the app built on a foundation of over 30 years of mobile counting experience.

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